AWARE is the relationship education division of Life Options Pregnancy Medical Centers in the Lower Yakima Valley of WA state. AWARE functions as the “preventative” arm of Life Options. Life Options is now serving Grandview, Sunnyside, Toppenish, & Mattawa. We are a non-profit organization and are solely supported by donation, gifts, and grants.

AWARE is made up of a group of people passionate about educating, equipping, and encouraging young people. Our desire is that our young people would have the healthiest and most fulfilling relationships possible, and we believe that sexual integrity is a vital part of making that happen. We believe that empowering our youth is an investment in a healthier, more hopeful future for them, their families, and society as a whole.



Our Values

  • Sexual Integrity: We embrace reserving sexual activity for the marriage relationship, enabling young people to make decisions that are best for themselves and others.
  • Empowerment: We’re not about shaming, but rather building up young people and empowering them to choose sexual integrity starting today, regardless of their past.
  • Critical Thinking: We give young people the opportunity to step back and think critically about their choices regarding life, love, sex, & relationships.
  • Honesty: We endeavor to create a safe place where young people can explore their feelings & questions regarding sex, free to ask honest questions and get real answers.
  • Accuracy: We know how important accuracy is, so our presentations are research based and have been approved by a team of medical doctors for statistical, factual, and medical accuracy.
  • Encouragement: We encourage teens to think and plan for a healthy future by equipping them to develop character, make good decisions, and focus on future goals.


What We Do

AWARE empowers students to make healthy choices about life, love, sex, and relationships. Conversations regarding sex and sexuality can be difficult to have with the people around us and sometimes the people closest to us. AWARE bring our informative, interactive and fun classroom presentations free of charge to schools and churches all over the Lower Yakima Valley in order to open up the conversation about healthy sexuality & relationships in a safe learning environment.


What Students Say

After hearing your presentation, I went home and talked to my boyfriend…After a long talk, we both thought it would be best not to have sex anymore. We are drawing the line and starting over. Thanks for coming and speaking to us.

I feel like you guys really spoke to me. I’ve made a decision to save sex till I get married.

I would like to thank her for making us realize that a relationship isn’t based on pure sex. She really reached out to me and I learned a lot from what she said.

It was mind blowing and very informational and I will never forget this experience.

It was fun and he made the information easy to know and to the point. All the information was valuable to me and will help me make better decisions in my sexual life.

Thanks for talking to us about things no one else wants to talk about.

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