We’re passionate about educating, equipping, and encouraging teens to think and plan for a healthy future. We do presentations in local schools about goal setting and healthy relationships, as well as facilitating after-school clubs called Club 180.

We know that it can be hard for parents and guardians to have conversations about sex and relationships with their teens, but we also believe that as a parent and guardian, you have a crucial role to play. We’re not here to replace you, but rather to start the conversation and provide you with tools to continue equipping and encouraging your teen in healthy choices for a healthy future.

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Our Presentations

We have designed interactive, informative presentations that open up the conversation of sex and sexuality in a safe learning environment that is fully age-appropriate

Parent Guides

We believe that parental involvement is extremely important for teens to achieve a healthy future. We have created parent guides for each grade level so that you know what your student will be learning in AWARE and can continue the conversation at home. Discussion ideas are included.


6th, 7th & 8th Grade

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High School

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