Healthy Choices. Hopeful Futures.

AWARE’s purpose is to educate, equip, and encourage teens to think and plan for a healthy future. Our presentations are interactive, entertaining, and most importantly, they open up the conversation of sex and sexuality in a safe learning environment.

Sexual Health:

AWARE is an acronym that stands for Abstaining, Waiting, And Respecting Each other. Our hope is to foster a culture that avoids risky sexual activity before marriage. Research has shown, that marriage has many physical, social, emotional, and financial protective benefits. We think sexuality is a natural, normal part of all human beings, but also very powerful and can be harmful if taken lightly. We believe the healthiest way to practice sexual behavior is inside a marriage relationship. We know that not everyone will choose a path to monogamy, but we think everyone deserves to know why it’s awesome.


We’re not about making sex shameful or judging people who have had past sexual experiences by victimization or choice. Rather, we’re in the business of building up and instilling value. Our desire is to empower young people to see that the sexual choices they make now will have an impact on themselves and on their future relationships, and that they can choose sexual integrity today regardless of their past.


AWARE does not promote a religious or political agenda and remains value-neutral allowing parents/guardians to speak their individual values into the student and giving students the opportunity to make their own informed choices. AWARE is applicable to all students. Anyone who can get pregnant, cause a pregnancy, contract an STI or infect another with an STI can benefit from this program.

Elementary School:

This presentation focuses on encouraging students to respect themselves and develop good friendships. Students discuss setting goals, communication skills, media safety, and are encouraged to consider abstinence as a choice to protect their whole health.

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Topics Covered:

  • Goal Setting
  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships
  • Avoiding Peer Pressure
  • Internet Safety
  • Puberty Changes
  • Whole Health Dimensions
  • Abstinence
  • Reproductive System
  • Boundaries and Ways to Say No
  • Good Grooming Habits

Summary: This presentation is 4-5 hours altogether, but it can be customized to fit each school’s needs. Boys & girls can be taught in separate classrooms with a male & female presenter, respectively. Optionally, the presentation can be done with boys & girls combined and 1 presenter. The curriculum is from REAL Essentials and Relationship Smarts, research-based, nationally recognized curricula.

Parent nights can be facilitated before the presentation, and parents/guardians are always welcome to attend the presentation with their students.


Middle School:

Students talk about setting goals, dimensions of maturity, and what it takes to be a good friend. The meaning of abstinence and how it can protect them from the risks of teenage sex will be examined, along with positive decision-making skills, dangers of media, boundary setting, and how to communicate effectively.

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Topics Covered:

  • Values
  • Goal Setting
  • Characteristics of Healthy Relationships
  • Red Flags of Unhealthy Relationships
  • Media Dangers
  • Communication Skills
  • Refusal Skills
  • Abstinence and Birth Control Methods
  • Strategies for Decision Making
  • Boundaries
  • STDS
  • Puberty
  • Pacing a Relationship and Making a Personal Plan

This presentation is offered cost free, and can be done in five 45 minute class periods, but can also be customized to fit each school’s needs. Each grade level has unique lessons and fun activities that help students remember the material. The curriculum is Relationships Smarts, a research-based, nationally approved curriculum from the Dibbles Institute.



What Students Say

The AWARE presentation really helped me make better decisions about my future relationships. The most valuable information to me has to be the characteristics of a lifelong relationship. It helped me understand that sex is best to be saved until marriage.7th grade male

The presentation helped me realize what a friendship should be & about the decisions I should make.7th grade female

Most valuable to me was to have goals to set in my life. Always choose right, don’t be pressured and don’t pressure other people.8th grade male

The presentation gave me more knowledge about how to handle a situation, make better choices, how to say no, and helped me wait till marriage to have sex.8th grade female


High School:

This presentation is both factual and fun as it addresses teen emotional, social and physical health and sexuality. It includes lessons on healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, knowing yourself, empowerment for a healthy future, recognizing sexual assault, defining healthy boundaries, understanding the risks of engaging in sexual activity during the teen years, love and intimacy, healthy communication, assertiveness skills, and abstinence as the safest and healthiest choice.

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Topics covered:

  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships
  • Sexual Decision Making and Emotions
  • Differentiate Affection, Love, Commitment, and Sexual Attraction
  • Decision-Making Model for Sexual Health
  • Communication and Consent
  • Factors Affecting Consent
  • Accessing Information for Survivors of Sexual Offenses
  • Results of Teen Parenting
  • Abstinence
  • Personal Responsibility for Sexual Choices
  • Hormones and Sexual Decisions
  • Behaviors that Effect Reproductive Health
  • Evaluate Contraceptive Effectiveness
  • Concerns for Sexually Explicit Pictures/Messages
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Strategies to Deal with Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying
  • Dangers of Media

This presentation is offered cost-free to any high school classroom, and has 12 hours of instruction that can be split up and customized for your school’s needs. We use Love Notes curriculum, an OSPI approved supplemental instruction. Presentation times are flexible depending on the topics desired, so feel free to contact us for more details. Any platform for virtual presentations can be accommodated, and pre-recorded videos are also available upon request.

We typically work with human growth & development teachers as part of their sexual education curriculum, but we can work with other teachers as well.



What Students Say

It was amazing and fun. The presenter did an amazing job, she was so clear with her words and the games were fun. Most valuable was the pornography section because I know a lot of people who like watching it.9th grade male

It was an eye opener to what could happen physically and emotionally if you add sex in a teen relationship. Most valuable was that we should save ourselves and wait for marriage because we should learn to value ourselves.9th grade female

The most valuable information I heard was about the healthy strong relationships. It helped me want to wait because many times I’d be doing stuff with no emotional connection.10th grade male

Most valuable to me was when she said to think about what kind of life I really want. I’d rather wait for sex until I’m married.12th grade female

I really enjoyed learning about different ways to get STD’s and things to help prevent those types of things, and different ways to stay abstinent till marriage. At this point in my life I was becoming sexually active but after this presentation it helped me choose to stay abstinent till marriage.12th grade female



We have a variety of options for college presentations. We have a 1 hour presentation on our services, STI’s, contraception, results of sexual activity, consent, and a Q&A time. You may also request a nurse to do a more in-depth class on STI’s, safe sex, intro to sex & sexual health, or related sexual risk avoidance topics.

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If you have specific topics you would like covered in relation to sexual risk avoidance and community services, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss it. Currently, we have a 1 hour cost-free presentation covering the following topics:


  • Life Options’ free & confidential services such as pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, options counseling, parenting support, STI testing and treatment, and community referrals
  • STI’s: rates, symptoms, safe sex, and testing options.
  • Contraception: options & effectiveness.
  • Results of Sexual Activity
  • Consent
  • Sexual Integrity: what it looks like and the benefits of reserving sexual activity for a mutually monogamous lifelong committed relationship.
  • Q&A time with an AWARE presenter & Life Options nurse.

In-depth classes on STI’s, safe sex, introduction to sex & sexual health, and related sexual risk avoidance topics are coming soon.



Unlike all the other AWARE presentations, we also have a faith-based presentation for private or Christian schools and 2 presentations for youth groups or other youth organizations. Topics covered include pornography, a Biblical view of sex and sexuality, and healthy relationships.

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The Elementary, Middle School, High School & College presentations were designed for public schools, as are the Club 180 after school groups. Therefore, they do not promote a religious agenda nor are they faith-based.
If you prefer, we have a faith-based presentation designed for private or Christian high schools.

Topics include:

  • Choices, Goal Setting, & Character
  • Biblical Truths about Sex
  • Consequences of Sexual Activity
  • Sexual Integrity/Abstinence
  • Identity in Christ vs. Identity in Works
  • Sexual Progression of a Relationship
  • Sex and the Brain
  • Biblical & Physical Basis for Boundaries
  • Fleeing Sexual Temptation
  • Possible Results of Sexual Activity (STI’s, pregnancy, & emotional effects)
  • What Jesus Says About Porn
  • Porn’s effect on the Brain, Relationships & Community
  •  Love vs. Infatuation
  • Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship
  • Sexual Coercion Red Flags
  • Sexting
  • True Intimacy
  • Safest Sex and the Benefits of Marriage
  • Making Jesus the center while pursuing sexual integrity

This 3 to 4-day presentation is offered cost-free.


We have 2 faith-based presentation series for youth groups or other youth organizations. Both series are designed to motivate youth with the message of sexual integrity. As the best education on sex comes not from lecturing but including them in the dialogue, these are created to focus on conversation and discussion.

Greater Than>Sex:

This presentation will paint the grand picture seen in scripture and go beyond the ‘just don’t do it’ rhetoric and explore God’s grand design for sex as the sex-maker. The students will build a foundation for future conversations on sex and relationship that stay centered on Jesus Christ. This 1 hour presentation can be broken up into two weeks, or customized to fit your youth group.

Part 1: What does the Bible say about sex?
Part 2: Is sexual integrity possible?
Part 3: The journey of waiting!

Greater Than>Porn:

In this presentation the students build a firm foundation for avoiding or quitting habitual porn use and stay centered on Jesus Christ. The 45 minute presentation can be customized to fit your youth group.

Pornography is a growing epidemic and having conversations surrounding its impact with youth is important. This series has been developed not to be a lecture that can possibly bring further shame, rather, it is intended to bring what is in the dark into the light!

Part 1: What is the BIG deal?
Part 2: The solution to quitting porn?

The “Greater Than” series (developed by ProjectSix19) can be done a variety of ways: as a 2-5 week series during youth group time, a special evening presentation (such as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night for Greater Than>Sex) or a retreat/conference/weekend event. We’re happy to discuss it and find the best option for your group.

Greater Than>For Parents:

Equipping Parents to Help Their Children Live with Sexual Integrity

GREATER THAN for Parents is a conversation-based series geared for Christian parents of teens, equipping them to coach their children on an upward path toward spiritual, physical, and relational fulfillment.

Part 1: Having A Godly Perspective on Sex & How to Have “The Talk”
  • The responsibilities & privileges of parents
  • God’s heart (and your heart!) for your child
  • Viewing and sharing your own story through filters of grace instead of shame
  • God’s story and definition of sex
  • Godly perspectives on sex when talking to children “Talk” tips

  • Part 2: How to Help Your Children Navigate and Master Porn & Social Media
  • Your story and how it affects parenting about porn
  • Why we need to discuss porn, and how we should go about doing so
  • The link between social media and porn
  • Helping your child navigate the web & social media
  • Helping your child master temptation.


    Club 180:

    Our weekly after-school clubs in the middle schools are positive peer support clubs for teens to learn, be encouraged, make friends, hang out, & have fun! We talk about healthy relationships, decision making, character, goals, responsibility, good friendships, and more.

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    Club 180-Bringing About A Change

    Our goal is to help young guys and girls think and plan for a successful future by helping them recognize that the choices they are making now will determine what kind of person they will become and what kind of future they will have.

    The club is structured to include an introductory activity or game, a character-building lesson/life skill, how to use the life skills discussed, and a snack. Ideally, we meet with the clubs once a week for an hour after school.

    We also have an incentive program where students earn points for attending club meetings that they can use to “purchase” fun items at our “store” twice a year.

    We require all participants to have parent permission to be in the club (we provide parent permission slips for each student).

    Current Club Locations & Times:

    Extra Mile Student Center:

    • Club 180 – Meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:45-3:45

    Sunnyside Middle School:

    • Club 180 – Meets Tuesdays from 2:15-3:15

    Prosser Middle School:

    • Club 180 – TBA

    If your school is not on this list and you would like to have Guys & Girls 180 club at your school, please contact us. We’re always excited to start new clubs! We just need school permission, an available classroom, and volunteer club facilitators.


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