AWARE (Abstaining, Waiting, And Respecting Each Other) is the relationship education division of Life Options Pregnancy Medical Centers in the Lower Yakima Valley of WA state. We’re passionate about educating, equipping, and encouraging teens to think and plan for a healthy future.

We offer informative, interactive presentations for public & private schools as well as other youth organizations, and facilitate after-school clubs at the middle school level called Guys & Girls 180.

Topics covered include (at an age appropriate level):

  • Goal setting
  • Refusal skills and effective communication
  • Sexual assault and informed consent
  • Positive friendships
  • The difference between love and infatuation
  • Possible results of sexual activity (STDs, teen pregnancy)
  • The impact of sex & porn on the brain (high school only)
  • Effectiveness of contraception and abstinence as the healthiest choice
  • How to build healthy relationships



Who Can Participate?

The program is designed for 5th grade through college-age students and may be implemented in schools, after-school programs, faith-based youth programs, two day conference-style sessions, and other formats.


How is the Program Taught?

AWARE has a diverse range of highly effective staff educated and equipped to teach the curriculum in schools and programs. These educators utilize three levels of learning to teach students the what, why, and how of sexual abstinence:

  • Cognitive (what) — knowing and understanding the facts and risks
  • Affective (why) — impacting the student’s attitudes, beliefs, and values on an emotional level
  • Psychomotor (how) — learning the life skills necessary to implement what the student understands and believes, inspiring a lasting commitment to sexual integrity



How Does AWARE Align to standards?

AWARE instruction and materials are aligned with the Healthy Youth Act. All our presentations are medically and scientifically accurate, age appropriate, appropriate for all students, and consistent with the Guidelines for Sexual Health and Disease Prevention (OSPI).



How is AWARE Unique?

AWARE is on the cutting edge of teen sexuality and health and is constantly being updated. The key to the success of our program is based on the outstanding curriculum, training, and enthusiasm of our speakers. The following comments were made by students participating in our program:

I thought it was really eye opening. I never realized some of the risks.9th grade female

It was one of the best presentations of my 9th grade year.9th grade male

I thought the AWARE presentation was very good. It was fun to listen to and entertaining. It gave me a lot of information and cleared up a lot of things for me.9th grade female.

I feel it’s necessary for high schoolers to hear this, especially in this state.9th grade female.

We have experienced very positive feedback from students and educators alike. We welcome their input and they are extremely supportive and complimentary of our programs and our volunteers who facilitate them.


How Much Does It Cost?

AWARE is supported solely by grants and donations, and there is no charge to schools and/or students for presentations, materials or club membership.


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